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  • Hi Gerhard, I received my parcel today, the patches are fabulous, what a talent you are. I just hope the quilt I make does justice to your artwork,thank you for the service you provide. at last I have finished the quilt using the art patches I bought from you in 2013, can't rush these things, hope you like what I have done. Regards Christine Underwood.

  • Gerhard, it has been a while since we met face-to-face in 2013.  Since then your art has inspired 2 quilts ... this is the first: Oz, Land to Sea to Sky—The Mosaic.... hand-pieced, hand-quilted; 1175 pieces that took over 200 hours to complete, over 3 years. The second one, to come soon.Thank you again for your marvellous eye and creative spirit. Cheryl Borris, Victoria, British Columbia Canada

  • Hi  Gerhard,I have finally put my quilt together using your beautiful squares which I purchased on my trips to Kuranda and Port Douglas Markets.It is called "Through the Attic Window".  as it is just like looking through a window and seeing all the beautiful colours of Far North Queensland.It is a present for my 9 year old Grandson for Christmas. I'm sure he will love it as he has been to Port Douglas and really enjoyed everything about FNQ.Thank you for your amazing prints. I still have enough left to make another quilt using my flora and butterfly squares.See you at the markets next year,
    Best Wishes, Donna Montague, NSW

Dear Gerhard, There aren’t many emails I enjoy opening these days, yours was one of very few worth saving and reading.  Very many thanks for sending my first Naturesface Art newsletter. What a joy it is to see more stunning photos and beautifully crafted cards and fabric. I’m looking forward to visiting your website soon as now I have the inspiration so far missing this season and hope to purchase a few unique and special gifts for friends and family.  What you offer is a real breath of fresh air amidst so much ‘dross’ and ‘bling’ surrounding us these days! Its wonderful to see your, and friends’, latest artwork …. as was hearing of your newest little one to greet the planet.  Many congratulations to you and your family! Oh, and just an infrequent newsletter (this was my first) is brilliant and perfectly fine with me, wallowing as I do these days through floods of emails in inbox.  Over-marketing can be a ‘turn-off’ and less means far more, especially one as welcome and gratefully received as your newsletter was this week.Thanks again. With best regards, Lyn Kellett

  • Hi Gerhard!  Wow thanks for posting on Facebook. Love the compliments. My hubby says the pic doesn’t do the quilt justice. He didn’t recognize it at all!  At any rate, I took the time to view all the lovely quilts you have posted on your page. It’s amazing to see just how creative quilters can be!  Very impressive.Again, your work is stunning and its you who gives us quilters inspiration, Gerhard. I can’t tell you just how excited I was to find you as I always look for the unusual when it comes to quilting and making a fabric purchase in a far away land!  Lol. We just fell in love with Australia and hope to return again some day. Until then, our memories of the amazing countryside, nature, and people will keep the dream alive. Thank you again for posting my quilt.  When I get around to the rest of the squares, I will be sure
    to send you pics. Especially after all the inspiration! Best regards Taylor.

Many thanks for the package of gorgeous patches I ordered. They arrived today, 12/8/2013. You sent me a double size starfish patch since you only had one 6″ left in stock and it is lovely. I don’t have a plan for all my patches. I now have a stash of 50+, and am sure I can incorporate the large one into something to admire. I bought them all to make things for myself but since I make large quantities of craft items for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne I never really have a plan for all the materials I buy e.g. I have 2 huge cane baskets full of knitting yarn, mainly for beanies.Last year I knitted 400+ beanies, quite a few teddies and made a large number of smaller multi-colour quilts for the Hospital auxiliary to sell, so it remains to be seen what I come up with this year. I do try to diversify each year and it depends on time too e.g. grandchild minding and elderly parent health. REGARDS WENDY

  • Wow Gerhard I have a card of your banner pic given to me for may birthday and it stays in my line of sight at my computer. The colours and design are just inspirational – Thank you, Debra Ann Layt


  • GOT THEM TODAY.. OMG they are beautiful. the colors are amazing. Anyone out there thinking about getting some. STOP thinking and do it!! you will not be sorry~!! Caryn Tropea Bartle

I just received my large fabric patch titled “Passionflower. Oh. My. Gosh. It is so much more beautiful than I ever hoped. The fabric is perfect and I can’t wait to turn it into a quilt. Thank you so very much! I will definitely be ordering again.  – they are so so beautiful! Thank you. Leanne Wright Jerusal

  • Mine arrived today. They have surpassed all expectations.Thank you so much . Chris Burston

  • I bought 12 last year at the Port Douglas Market Days. They are beautiful. Hanna Culpepper

I can’t wait for my next order of 6″ photo squares. 
They’re so beautiful, and great to sew with. Judy Goltz

The most fabulous photography I’ve seen, and he has put it on fabric 
– ideal for quilts, pillows or what have you! Molly Fien

  • MGoodness…. I just received 2 pieces in the mail….. they feel like silk, so quilters, don’t be afraid they are stiff and not work well in a quilt… they are magnificent and the color is out of this world… I can’t wait to plan a quilt and go thru all the wonderful choices….. 1 MILLION THUMBS UP !!
Hi… OMG… I just received the samples you sent, just NOW….. They are magnificent !!!  I will, for sure, go to your site and order.  I cannot thank you enough…… I am very excited to plan a quilt using your wonderful art…… I will need a few days to draft a pattern and decide what masterpiece I want to create….. hahahah…. thank you so VERY much… Keep up the wonderful work…. Lin La Lima

I took advantage of the free postage offer on FACEBOOK for the squares of art fabric … oh my goodness they are just beautiful.  They arrived in good time and the  packaging totally protected them as they winged their way to southern California.
I am so pleased. Thank you, I belong to an on-line quilting group on the HGTV message board for quilters and have already been on there bragging and  posted  your website.  It was a tough decision – I really wanted to be stingy and have something so pretty all to myself … but hey, that’s just not the way of artists, whether with camera or fabric. Again…. thanks for that offer, it got my attention and I am thrilled with my purchase.
Wishing you the best …Sandra McFerran,Chino Hills Ca USA

  • I received mine in the post last week…They were as good as they look on computer screen I have rinsed them in hot water and have had no colour loss or shrinkage…beautiful designs, colours, product..Well done Natures face! Robbie Burton