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LEAFLINGS is a botanical creatures artwork. Hidden within the many layers and folds of these leaves are unique creatures found in the wet tropics far North Queensland. When I am out photographing in the rainforest I am searching for creatures and interesting botanical elements. The animals are often found on the leaves and plants that they eat or call home. Once you identify the food plants of particular animals it makes finding them a lot easier. Sometimes they are hidden underneath the leaves and many are also found on the forest floor amongst the leaf litter. Being aware of the different creatures physical characteristics, behaviour & diet play an important role in finding them. Many animals are nocturnal.

The Rainforest Scorpion is a lot easier to find at night if you use an ultra violet light. The scorpions give off an irredescant greenish blue glow. Beetles and moths are attracted to lights at night, so sometimes it is easier to wait until they come to you. The Rhinoceros beetle is proportionally one of the strongest animals on the planet. The Hercules catterpillar feeds on several rainforest trees including Bleeding Heart. The colourful herc catterpillar can grow up to 12cm & after metamorphosis it transforms into an amazing large moth. The female hercules moth has a wingspan up to 27cm giving it the largest wingspan of any moth in the world.
Many of the animals encountered in the rainforest use some kind of camouflage or mimicry to survive. Katydids, leaf insects and stick insects have all evolved over time, perfecting this artform. The female Leaf Insect shown here is an extremly rare insect to find. It is the kind of animal entomologists dream of. I was fortunate enough to spot this one night near the Barron Falls after cyclone Ita a few years ago. It was feeding on Golden Penda, which was an unknown food plant of it until then. The beauty of observation and discovery is what I always try to convey in my artworks. They are nature studies aimed at encouraging people to go exploring in their environment and look a little bit closer. Im just lucky our backyard is the rainforest in the wet tropics. This artwork is my feature piece of 2017 & because of all the small detail it looks best printed large. A window into the world of small and wonderful botanical creatures. .... Gerhard Hillmann.



Leaflings Puzzle

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