Postage and Delivery

FREE POSTAGE Within Australia for orders over $50. (Australian dollars)

Shipping Rates

Shipping rates are calculated based on the product and amount ordered,
the shipping destination, and the delivery option. To determine the the cost of
add the desired products to your cart, select your country and delivery option.
The cart will update to show the shipping rate for each option in the bottom of the cart.

Delivery Times
Once we receive your order and the payment is processed, your order will be carefully
packaged and sent to you via the Australian postal service. Deliveries within Australia
generally take 3 – 10 business days from date of dispatch. International deliveries
may take 10 - 14 days. We try to send out orders within 48hours of receiving them.

Fabric patch orders of the standard 6inch squares (15cm) are shipped out generally within 48hours. Larger sizes, which include the 12inch,18inch and fabric panel sets can take 2-3 weeks because they are a custom order  and take a lot longer to produce.

Postage within Australia

Fabric orders are generally shipped within 48 hours from the date the order is received.
Shipping times may vary between 3 – 10 days, depending on the order type and shipping destination of the order. If some fabric designs you have ordered are not in stock, you will
receive an email with the option to substitute or wait until the design is back in stock.

International Orders

International deliveries may take 10 - 14 days for standard fabric orders and 2-3 weeks for larger fabric sizes.

Product Availability

On this website are over 300 different designs on fabric.
I make an effort to always have the smaller size fabrics in stock,
However the medium and larger fabric sizes require a 2 week wait when placing an order.