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Updated: Dec 28, 2019

I am Gerhard Hillmann and this is my fabric collection.

This website is for all the #patchwork, #quilters and #crafters around the world.

100% #organic #cotton fabric squares featuring designs by #Australian artist. Available in 3 different sizes, Small: 15cm (6"), Medium: 30cm(12") and Large: 45cm(18").

For over ten years I have been creating and selling designer fabrics for quilters, dressmakers and interior designers. The images are created from deep within the #tropical #rainforest of North Qld, #Australia. I grew up and now live with my family in Kuranda Right in the middle of wet tropics world heritage rainforest. I have always been inspired by nature to create images of beauty and wonder. Australian Plants and animals and our interaction with them are my main focus. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my artworks reproduced on #fabric and used in peoples creative projects. A collaboration between artists allows connections to be made. Creativity is contagious and brings so much joy and happiness to everyone involved.

Artist Statement My interpretation of the organic world is embedded deep within each artwork I create. Because I believe we are all part of the landscape & not separate, many of my images explore this human nature connection. I feel compelled to respond to the environment in a creative way & aim to promote a deeper appreciation and understanding of nature. Beyond linguistics, an image has the ability to transcend language barriers and travel the world. On fabric it can make someones day special.

Art of Seeing Through patient observation amazing and unique details in nature slowly become visible, this art of seeing inspires me to develop works which describe this experience of discovery. I attempt to capture the essence of a particular subject from the inside out. Depth, colour and a sense of movement are all used to bring the viewer into the image. By immersing yourself in one of these artworks; subtle, intricate & vibrant details may suddenly appear, making the invisible visible, as the more you look, the more you see.

Creative Process Photography plays a major role in my creative process and often a single photo is all it takes, however sometimes I like to use traditional mediums like painting, drawing and even sculptural work. These are then used in the process of creating an image. By incorporating some of these traditional  fine art skills with a photographic medium amazing details are brought to life. Regardless of which mediums I choose to work with, one thing is certain and that is my preference of using many layers and colour. This style of layering, blending and merging has taken me years to develop & continues to evolve in a progressive way. I call it organic photo-montage and aim to create still life images which are anything but still. They are intended to be full of movement, life and depth, which portray a hyper realistic view of the world by jumping out at the viewer in an almost 3d style.

I hope you enjoy this new website. Please send in photos of your finished quilts and other creative projects to If you are stuck for ideas, see how some people have used the the fabric patches in their projects here. Kind regards Gerhard

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