Birds of Australia fabric designs

I have loved birds been as long as I can remember and never tire of watching them. Any day is improved dramatically at the sighting of one. I am fortunate to live in a place which has an abundance of rainforest trees and wildlife. Even now as I write this I am looking out the window into the rainforest watching two brush turkeys chasing each other, while a chorus of frogs in the background resonates from the undergrowth. A Woompoo fruit dove makes a distinguished iconic call and a catbird joins in occasionally. Birds have become one of my favourite subjects in many artworks I produce. The challenges associated with photographing birds are numerous and frustrating at times, but it is very rewarding when everything falls into place and you manage to get the photo you are after.

Birds Collection 100% organic cotton fabric squares featuring designs by Australian artist Gerhard Hillmann.

Now available in 3 different sizes,

Small: 15cm (6"),

Medium: 30cm(12")

Large: 45cm(18").

This collection of bird designs on #cotton fabric is growing. New designs are added on a regular basis and it continues to evolve. They are for anyone who loves birds and fabric.

Fabric #patch collection by featuring beautiful artworks of Australian Nature printed on #organic. Award winning fine art photography and design.

These fabric squares are ideal for Patchwork & Quilting! They can also be used for table runners, cushions, wall-hangings, Interior design & many other creative projects. See how people have used them on the peoples creations page

What Photography equipment do you need to photograph birds?

The best camera is the one you have with you when you see a bird. Yes, you can use any camera to photograph birds, however to really get the magical shots we are all familiar with in the magazines, books, galleries and even online, a good quality camera gear is essential. I use a canon setup but really need to upgrade the camera and also the lenses, but that is another story. Use what you have and invest in good quality lenses.

A young cassowary chick wanders through the rainforest in seach of food while dad is in the background watching
A young cassowary chick wanders through the rainforest in seach of food while dad is in the background watching

My ideal setup would be a new #Canon 1dx and a 100-400mm canon lens. I recently tried this new lens and tested it photographing a #cassowary and two chicks in the rain. The results under low light conditions I found very impressive. The image stabilisation and clarity of the lens make it well worth the investment if you can afford it. A few years ago the cost of a lens with this quality was 3 to 4 times what you pay now, so it goes to show how far digital photography has come along in recent years.The canon 1dx is a great camera because of 3 main factors. 1. You can shoot at a very high iso with minimum noise. This makes it ideal in low light situations when birds are the most active. 2. It is a very fast camera with great auto focusing features. 3. Although it only gives you an 18mb file, the images are sharp.

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Thanks for your time,

Regards Gerhard Hillmann

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